How many Types of Lok Adalat are there?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Lok Adalat is classified into six types. Continuous Lok Adalat, Mobile Lok Adalat, Daily Lok Adalat, National Level Lok Adalats, Mega Lok Adalats, and Permanent Lok Adalats are the different types. Individual courts based on Gandhian principles that settle disputes through assuagement and compromise are known as Lok Adalat.

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Types of Lok Adalat

The Legal Services Authorities Act of 1987 grants Lok Adalat statutory status. The following sections provide information on the various types of Lok Adalat. These specifics will assist them in comprehending the various types of Lok Adalat in India.

  • National Lok Adalat: It is held at regular intervals. It is being held on a specific subject matter every month.
  • Permanent Lok Adalat: It is a permanent body with a Chairman and two members that provides a mandatory pre-litigation mechanism for conciliation and settlement of cases involving Public Utility Services such as transportation, postal, and telegraph, among others.
  • Mobile Lok Adalat: It is located in various parts of the country and travels from one location to another to resolve disputes in order to facilitate the resolution of disputes.
  • Mega Lok Adalat: It is held on a single day in all the courts on the state level.
  • Daily Lok Adalat: It is held every day.
  • Continuous Lok Adalat: It is organized for a number of days continuously.

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