What was the Tripartite Struggle?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Tripartite Struggle is the struggle between Palas, Gurjara Pratiharas, and Rashtrakutas to gain control over Kannauj. After Harshavardhan, three significant political powers in India were constantly fighting with each other to establish their control of the Gangetic region in northern India. The three political powers were Gurjara Pratiharas in north India, Palas in eastern India, and Rashtrakutas in South India. The struggle among these three powers is known as the Tripartite struggle, also known as The Kannauj Triangle Wars.

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Tripartite Struggle

The Gurjara Pratiharas won the tripartite struggle and captured Kannauj. After the death of Harsha, there was much confusion about his successor in the kingdom of Kanauj. Kannauj came into the hands of Arunashva for a short time.

The following are the major points related to the tripartite conflict:

  • Yashovarman established a kingdom in Kanauj in 730 AD.
  • After Yashovarman, Vijrayudh, Indrayudha, and Chakrayudha ruled Kanauj till the 8th century.
  • They were weak and taking advantage of their weakness, the Pratiharas, Palas, and Rashtrakutas fought against each other to win the kingdom of Kanauj.
  • This struggle dragged on for almost two centuries.
  • The Pratihara ruler Nagabhatta II won the war and made Kannauj the capital of the Pratihara kingdom.

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