Who is the Father of Business Studies?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Father of Business Studies is Peter F. Drucker. Business Studies is a field that educates people on the fundamentals of business including the following – economics, marketing, accounting, finance, and organizational studies. It is an essential subject for individuals planning to build a career in the business field. In addition, he was a pioneer in the development of management education and the person who proposed the notion of management by objectives and self-control.

Father of Business Studies

Peter F. Drucker was a pioneer in management education and is credited with developing the concept of management by self-control and objectives. He was a founder of management education and is also credited with founding modern management.

  • The title “the most important management theorist of the 20th century” was given to him.
  • He is the author of over 40 books, including his best-known one, “The Practice of Management,” published in 1954.
  • Drucker’s beliefs have inspired modern company practices, such as how they are structured and approach management.
  • He thought that firms should put their consumers first, not only their profits. Moreover, he pushed for leadership education for all staff members, regardless of level, in an organization.


Who is the Father of Business Studies?

Peter F. Drucker is the Father of Business Studies, because of his contribution to the field of management and business. He developed many ideas that are relevant even today and was the founder of modern management education. He believed that firms must put their customers first instead of their profits, and he focused on leadership education for his staff at all levels.

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