What was the Main Reason for the Partition of Bengal?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The main reason for the partition of Bengal, as claimed by the officials of the British Raj in India, was to bring about administrative efficiency. However, Indian nationalists claimed that the move was an attempt by the British to “divide and rule” the country. The partition of Bengal was announced by Lord Curzon in 1905. The event was reorganizing the Bengal Presidency by separating the Eastern Muslim majority from the Western Hindu majority.

Main Reason for the Partition of Bengal

The declaration of partition shook Indian nationalists, who were convinced that the main reason for the partition of Bengal was to divide Indians along religious lines only. The result of partition was that the Muslims got their own national organization. After a period of six years, Bengal was reunited with Lord Hardinge.

The dividing of Indian nationalists on communal lines was the main reason for the partition of Bengal. The British administration relied on disharmony between the Muslims of East Bengal and the Hindus of West Bengal to advance their base in India.

However, the announcement of the partition of Bengal caused an uproar among Indian nationalists, who were outraged by the move. The Indian National Congress opposed the move, and the local people boycotted the British in protest.

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