Someone Who Improves an Existing Business can be Called?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Someone who improves an existing business can be called an Intrapreneur. Since the startup boom in India, many budding entrepreneurs have been able to take their ideas and materialize them into profitable businesses. An employee tasked with creating an innovative idea or project within a company is known as an intrapreneur.

Someone who Improves an Existing Business

The term for a person who starts their own venture is commonly known as an entrepreneur. Any business employee who brings entrepreneurial knowledge, insight, and foresight to their position there is considered an intrapreneur.

  • Although intrapreneur does not necessarily take on the same risks or enjoy the same rewards as an entrepreneur, they have access to an established business’s tools and resources.
  • In simple words, intrapreneurship is basically just entrepreneurship in an existing organization.
  • Hence, intrapreneurs don’t start their own business venture but use their creativity and skill to grow and improve an already existing business.

Differences between Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur

The owner of a business is an entrepreneur. For better or worse, they are entirely in charge and have total freedom. An existing organization’s innovation is the responsibility of an intrapreneur (usually a big one). There is less autonomy with intrapreneurship, despite the lower risk.


Someone who Improves an Existing Business can be called?

An intrapreneur is a person who improves an already-existing business. An intrapreneur, in contrast to an entrepreneur, works for an already-existing business and uses its talents and creativity to help it grow. Hence, it is just entrepreneurship but in an already existing business. Moreover, entrepreneurship involves less risk but there is also less autonomy as compared to entrepreneurship.

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