What was the Bhil Revolt?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Bhil revolt of 1818 was one of the first British resistance efforts that any clan or tribe in the country undertook. One of the first revolutions carried out by a tribal group in the nation was the Bhil Rebellion of 1818. The horrific treatment of the Bhils by the East India Company, which deprived them of their ancient forest rights and exploited them, was the catalyst for the rebellion. In response, the British sent a force to quell the rebellion, which they did. However, this was not in vain as part of the peace agreement, the British made concessions in several tariffs and gave back forest rights.

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Bhil Revolt 1819

The Bhil Rebellion of 1818 was one of the first British resistance movements adopted by any tribe or tribe in the nation. The Rajputana rebellion was against the British Empire and feudalism. The tribe had a long history of peaceful living, but the amendments of the British administration and the feudal system made them rebel against the state.

  • The revolts can be attributed to various factors, and there were some administrative changes in India after the arrival of the British.
  • Prior to these developments, the Bhil tribals fully benefited from various forest rights. All the Bhil tribal nations cooperated with the British administration to sign a treaty in the year 1818.
  • Since they were now empowered to intervene and make policies in the internal and external affairs of the state, the British assumed the role of the real master.
  • The rights to use and consume a wide variety of goods produced in abundance in the forest were also taken away from the Bhils.
  • Colonel Walter, a British representative, eventually reached an agreement for peace with the Aborigines.
  • Native Americans received concessions on their rights to pay various taxes and their access to the wilderness.

Even though the British may claim that they have put an end to the rebellion, they were never able to establish a state of lasting peace in the areas where the Bhils lived.

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