Who was Frederic Sorrieu?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Frederic Sorrieu was one of the most notable French artists who created a series of four prints where he presented a vision of utopia. Sorrieu visualized a world made up of Social Republics and democratic values. Also, his paintings became a prominent part of French nationalism. He depicted men, allegories and countries in his works.

Frederic Sorrieu

Frederic Sorrieu was a French painter who created a series of prints that displayed a utopian world of democratic and socialist values. The collection of paintings by Frederic Sorrieu is called La Republic Universelle democratique et Sociale, and they depict his views and visions of a utopian world. It was his most impactful composition.

  • Le Pacte serves as an example of the nationalist aspect of the spring of the people.
  • A parade of European nations, which includes individuals of all ages, genders, and social classes, passes by a statue representing the Republic before a tree of freedom.
  • French, German, Italian, Hungarian, and Czech flags and national attire serve as identifiers for different countries.
  • A soil covered in royal relics is a metaphor for the deterioration of kings and queens.
  • Christ, the saints, and the angels observe the sight from the heavens above. The artist has used them to represent international unity among nations.


Who was Frederic Sorrieu?

A famous French painter known for creating a series of prints portraying a utopian world of democratic values was Frederic Sorrieu. He notably created a series of 4 paintings called La Republic Universelle democratique et Sociale that depicted his idea of a utopian world.

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