What is the Minimum Age to Become a Village Pradhan?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The minimum age to become a village pradhan is 21 years and their major responsibilities are the development of the village and providing basic services related to the health and well-being of people. Village pradhan plays a crucial role in the daily administrative and other types of functioning of a village. The minimum age limit for a village pradhan has been imposed to ensure the responsibility goes to the person who can handle it.

Gram Pradhan Age Limit

A Village Pradhan is also known as Gram Pradhan or Mukhiya. The people who are members of the local self-government called the Gram Sabha are only eligible to cast their vote to elect the Mukhiya. A Village Pradhan must plan ways for the development and welfare of the villagers.

He is responsible for conducting the meetings of the Gram Sabha excluding the social audit of the Gram Sabha. His role is to be proactive in getting the resolutions passed in the Gram Sabha meetings. Here is the process of the election of a village pradhan.

  • Village Pradhan is elected through direct elections under a secret ballot by the members of the gram sabha from amongst themselves.
  • A candidate has to be 21 years or above to be able to contest the elections.
  • The Pradhan plays as a communicator between government officers and the villagers.
  • The Village Pradhan election is held every five years.
  • Gram Pradhan can be removed from his tenure by a majority of two-thirds of the members of the Gram Panchayat voting, at a meeting specially convened for the purpose.


What is the Minimum Age to Become a Village Pradhan?

21 years is the minimum age to become a Village Pradhan. The leader of the Panchayat was often known as the President Mukhiya, or Pradhan and is elected by the members of Gram Sabha. A Village Pradhan is responsible for ensuring the queries raised by the village people are answered and resolved.

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