What is the Village Court Known as?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Village Courts are known as Nyaya Panchayats (NPs) or Gram Nyayalayas. It is the place where disputes among villagers, which existed in one form or the other even before independence, are resolved. In ancient India, communities settled their disputes among themselves, and this settlement was done by village elders or respected people who were known for their honesty and integrity.

Village Courts in India

Gram Nyayalayas are village courts designed for quick and easy access to the justice system in rural areas of India.

  • The Gram Nyayalayas Act 2008, passed by the Indian Parliament, is credited with establishing Gram Nyayalayas in India.
  • Although 5,000 village courts were intended to be established in India, only approximately 200 Gram Nyayalayas are currently operational.

Functions of Village Courts

  • Creation of a formal Gram Nyayadhikaran cadre.
  • Executing procedures using simpler methods and the local language.
  • By use of press releases, seminars, and other events, stakeholders are made aware.
  • Construction of long-term, intermediate-level Gram Nyayalayas in a convenient place with access for common people.
  • To properly define and eliminate any ambiguity from the Gram Nyayalayas’ purview.
  • Building, personnel, and other resources for Gram Nyayalayas are provided, and they are included in the state budget.


What is the Village Court known as?

The Village Courts are called Gram Nyayalayas or Nyaya Panchayats. The Gram Nyayalayas Act’s preamble guarantees that no citizen would be denied the chance to obtain justice and envisions access to justice at the people’s fingertips. Despite the difficulties and flaws in the current system of village courts in India, these courts play an important role in giving the poor and other marginalized groups of society access to justice.

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