What is the Importance of Preamble?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The importance of the Preamble stands unchallenged. It is a true introduction to the fundamental principles and guiding force that supports our Constitution. The Preamble sites the source of authority for the document; where it derives its meaning from. Our Constituent Assembly adopted it on 26 November 1949. It came into force on Republic Day, 26 January 1950. It holds great importance in our constitution.

Importance of Preamble

The Preamble of the Indian Constitution is a very relevant and deeply important part. Within a span of one page, it covers and highlights the basic principles of our country and the guiding force behind its administration.

The preamble has several meaning-intensive words that accurately capture the essence of India. It notes the fundamental values ​​and main points of the Constitution.

  • The law sets out the primary objectives to be achieved.
  • The constitution sets the ideals to live by.
  • It provides direction and encouragement for the constitution to function properly.
  • Constitutional in nature, the constitution prescribes lofty goals and socio-economic objectives to be achieved through appropriate processes.

Preamble of Indian Constitution

The Preamble of Indian Constitution of India throws light upon the purpose of making the constitution. It introduces us to the direction in which it was made. Some simple facts about the Preamble of the Indian constitution are given below:

  • The main purpose behind the Preamble is to give a proper definition of the constitution of India.
  • The Preamble to the Indian constitution is one of the lengthiest in the world.
  • The 42nd Amendment Act was responsible for introducing the Preamble in 1976.

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