What is Operation Blackboard?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Operation Blackboard was launched to provide minimum essential services to all primary schools in the country. It was instituted soon after 1986, Rajiv Gandhi’s National Policy on Education was published and was a centrally funded initiative. The goal of the program is to get students enrolled in primary organizations with the educational resources and institutional hardware they need, to further their education.

Objectives 0f Operation Blackboard

The Operation Blackboard program aims to improve primary education at both qualitative and quantitative levels. It was created under the assumption that an improved learning environment would increase the enrollment, retention, and achievement rates of primary school students.

  • The state government implements the plan with the full support of the federal government.
  • The central government will bear all the expenses related to the operation.
  • The Operation Blackboard plan was designed to cover all primary schools operating by September 30, 1986.
  • As per the recent modifications in the timeline of events of the Operation Blackboard Scheme, all schools were supposed to be covered by the year 2000.
  • Every primary school in the country is expected to have a set of minimum facilities as part of Operation Blackboard.
  • The expansion of the teacher population in schools with only one instructor is a key component of Operation Blackboard.

Operation Blackboard Scheme

Operation Blackboard scheme was launched in 1987 and is currently funded by the central government. There have been some changes and modifications in the plan as follows:

  • Every section is supposed to have at least one room and one teacher.
  • Provisions like a library and other important necessary equipment should be ensured.
  • Separate washrooms for girls and boys
  • Special attention needs to be given to the SC/ST areas
  • The salary of the teachers and the funds required for the equipment will be provided by the Central government.

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