What is Parliamentary Recess?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Parliamentary Recess is a period during the legislative session when neither house meets to perform business. Throughout the year, there are frequently multiple breaks. A recess is a time between the propagation of a house and its reassembly in a new session. When the session’s business is concluded, the Presiding Officer declares the house sine die.

Parliamentary Recess

Parliamentary Recess is the period of time between Prorogation and Reassembly. Prorogation marks the end of the session rather than the dissolution of the house. The Parliamentary Committee will meet during the session recess to discuss the fiscal suggestions.

  • The Government convenes the session of the Parliament. India does not have a fixed calendar, nor is it provided by the constitution. The Parliament meets for 3 sessions a year.
  • The President summons each house of the Parliament from time to time. The gap between the two sessions cannot exceed 6 months thereby. The Parliament meets at least 2 times a year.
  • The policies and governance of the ruling party are based on the functioning of the Parliament. It is a pitiable fact that the Parliament has lost lots of its transactions due to frequent walkouts by the opposition parties and sometimes due to lack of quorum.


What is Parliamentary Recess?

The Parliamentary Recess is a break in the parliamentary session during which neither house meets to undertake business. Several breaks occur during the year. As a result, propagation not only ends a sitting but also a session of the house.

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