What is National Development? What are the Aspects Covered Under National Development?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

National development refers to the ability to improve the standard of living of the residents of the country. The term is used to refer to the overall development of the country in terms of facilities provided to the citizens. This can be achieved through various means, most of which revolve around meeting the basic and basic needs of the people. This may include providing them with livelihood as well as employment.

National Development and its Aspects

National development is ensuring that the country develops in terms of per capita income and facilities like education, health care, etc. National development is achieved by ensuring that all negative elements like unemployment, poverty and other social evils are eliminated. The various aspects that come under national development are listed below.

  • In order to achieve national development, a country must utilize its resources in a proper and efficient manner.
  • The country should invest only in those schemes which benefit a large number of people.
  • National development is achieved by focusing on improving social infrastructure which includes ensuring basic necessities like health care and education are accessible to all.
  • There should be a rise in the median income of the people as a result of economic expansion.
  • Population increase must be managed efficiently and there must be an increase in the amount of food that is produced through agriculture.

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