Who Among the Following Has Been Called the Napoleon of India? (a) Chandragupta (b) Samudragupta (c) Ashoka (d) Harshavardhana

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Samudragupta has been called the Napoleon of India. According to the historian AV Smith, Samudragupta had some mighty military conquests that earned him this title. It was poet Harisena who described the ruler as a hero of a hundred battles in a book called ‘Prayag Prashasti’. Hence, Smith gave this title to the King of the Gupta dynasty.

Napoleon of India

Samudragupta, who was the ruler of the Gupta Empire, is called the Napoleon of India. The inscriptions from the Gupta empire are proof of Samudragupta’s valor and his distinguished military career. Even the gold coins that were minted in the Gupta empire described him as the ‘exterminator of all kings’ and even as a nobleman. Hence, he is remembered as the Napoleon of India.

He has also been referred to as the hero of a hundred battles. The second monarch of the Gupta dynasty, Samudragupta, was the son of Chandragupta I. Because of his impressive achievements, he has also nicknamed the Indian Napoleon. He offered the Ashvamedha sacrifice, according to his coinage. He was a talented musician and poet as well.

Why was Samudragupta Famous as the Napolean of India?

Napoleon, the French emperor, conquered parts of Austria, Russia, Spain, and Europe. However, after losing at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 A.D., his kingdom fell apart before his very eyes. But Samudragupta was miles ahead of him in this regard.

  • He forced the southern monarchs to recognize his rule after capturing the northern countries.
  • During his lifetime, Samudragupta did not experience a defeat akin to Waterloo or live in captivity.
  • Napolean’s triumphant campaign only lasted until the Battle of Waterloo, but Samudragupta’s victories gave rise to an empire that continued to advance for centuries.


Who Among the Following Has Been Called the Napoleon of India? (a) Chandragupta (b) Samudragupta (c) Ashoka (d) Harshavardhana

The title of Napoleon of India was given to Samudragupta, the ruler of the Gupta dynasty, by the historian A V Smith. Samudragupta earned the title for his military conquests and for managing a strong fleet in battle. Samudragupta’s conquests are described in a book called ‘Prayag Prashasti’ written by his courtier and poet Harisena.

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