What is Article 263?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Indian Constitution’s Article 263 deals with provisions relating to an inter-State council. The Inter-State Council is a consultative body tasked with investigating and debating issues of mutual interest between the Union and a state or states. This Article talks about the relationships between the central government and the state governments that must be established, so there are no controversies.

Article 263 of Indian Constitution

The proposed Draft Article provided for the President to establish an inter-State Council. The President may do so if it appears that the formation of such a Council will benefit the public interest. The Draft Article was not much debated. On June 13, 1949, draft Article 246 was adopted.

Whenever the President believes that creating a council with the mandate of protecting the public interest would be in the public interest, the following actions may follow:

  • Investigating and providing advice on potential issues between States
  • Investigating and addressing issues where the Union and one or more States, or all of the States, have a shared interest
  • The President shall be authorized to make recommendations on any such subject, including recommendations for the better coordination of policy and action concerning that subject.


What is Article 263?

Article 263 of the Indian Constitution includes provisions for an inter-State council to ensure the smooth and easy operation of the system. By establishing such a Council and defining the nature of its responsibilities, as well as its organisation and procedures.

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