Which Article Refers to the Abolition of Titles?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Abolition of Titles is referred to by Article 18. The ideal of equality for all is violated by hereditary noble titles given by colonial rulers like Diwan Bahadur, Raj Bahadur, Rai Saheb, Maharaja, Rai Bahadur, etc., which are prohibited by Article 18. A society that strives for political, social, and economic equality and, as a result, strives to become democratic, cannot have a few people with positions of authority who fabricate disparities among its members.

Article Referred to Abolition of Titles

The Constitution of India’s Part III (Fundamental Rights), which addresses the abolition of titles, provides the following four provisions in this regard:

  • No title that is not a military or academic honor is given by the State.
  • No Indian citizen may accept a degree from a foreign country.
  • No person who is not an Indian citizen may consistently accept any title from any foreign State while holding any office of profit or trust under the State without the President’s approval.
  • No one holding a state office of profit or trust is permitted to accept a gift, payment, office, or other benefits from a foreign state or trade for that State’s freedom without the President’s consent.

What is the Abolition of Titles?

  • The title should be dropped in order to maintain social equality because that equality helps to avoid harmful generalizations.
  • People won’t build strong interpersonal relationships if they are given titles because of the general public’s insecurity.
  • It would put society’s harmony and cohesiveness in danger. To maintain democracy’s goals, nationalists unanimously decided to abolish the titles.
  • Although it is mentioned as an extension of the right to equality in Part 3 of the Indian Constitution, the fundamental right is not guaranteed.
  • The principle of equality guaranteed by Article 14 is violated by the awarding of titles.


Which Article Refers to the Abolition of Titles?

The Abolition of Titles and Democracy was promoted by Article 18 because it was believed that titles and glories should not be created. A society that seeks to achieve political, economic, equality, social, and strives to become democratic, cannot have a small number of people with titles.

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