What are the Factors Affecting the Climate of India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The factors affecting the Climate of India are Pressure and Wind Systems, Altitude, Relief Features, Latitude, Ocean Currents, and Distance from the Sea (Continentality). So there are a total of six factors that affect the climate of India. Climate controls the numerous variation in temperature that one may experience. The climate of India, or any other place for that matter, is governed by several factors.

Factors Affecting the Climate of India

The variables that control the temperature change in the climate of India are climate controls. The major climate controls are six in number. They are briefly discussed below:

  • Latitude: Since the world is a sphere, not all places receive the same amount of sunlight. As we move from the equator to the poles, the temperature drops.
  • Altitude: As we climb higher above the surface of the earth, the temperature drops.
  • Pressure and Wind System: The latitude and altitude of each location affect the pressure and wind system there. As a result, it affects the temperature appropriately.
  • Proximity to the sea: Due to the distance from the sea, coastal areas are cooler than inland areas. Extreme weather conditions are more prevalent and their effect diminishes as the distance from the ocean increases.
  • Ocean Currents: The temperature of an area will be lowered by cold ocean currents passing over it while its temperature will be raised by warmer currents.
  • Relief features: The barriers that prevent the entry of streams into the country are known as relief facilities. cold or warm winds are blocked by high mountains

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