What are Longitudes and Latitudes?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Longitudes and Latitudes: Latitude is a set of imaginary horizontal lines used to measure distances from north to south. Longitude is a vertical imaginary line used to measure the distance from east to west. Latitude and longitude coordinates are used to pinpoint the location of any point on Earth. They comprise a coordinate system or plan for finding or locating geographic positions anywhere on the Earth’s surface.

Longitudes and Latitudes

Latitudes are horizontal lines that indicate how far a location is from the equator. Longitudes are vertical lines that represent the east and west directions in relation to the meridian in Greenwich, England. Cartographers, geographers, and others can use latitude and longitude to pinpoint locations on the globe. They also show the angular separation of any location from the Earth’s center. Degrees (°) and minutes (′) are used to express latitude and longitude, respectively.

Latitudes and Longitudes are both imaginary circles that are drawn across the globe to indicate better directions. Latitudes are drawn parallel to the equator whereas Longitudes divide the equator and the North & South Poles.

Facts about the Longitudes and Latitudes

The Important Facts about the Longitudes and Latitudes are mentioned below:

  • At the equator, lines of latitude begin at 0 degrees and conclude at 90 degrees, respectively.
  • So, the closer anything is to the North or South Pole, the higher the degree of latitude value.
  • The Northern Hemisphere is everything that lies north of the equator, and the Southern Hemisphere is everything that lies south of the equator.
  • These two lines are imaginary lines that are used to measure distance on the earth.

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