What is the Meaning of Relief Features?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Relief features are characteristics related to the landscape of a specific region. In fact, according to geography, relief features denote the highest and lowest elevation points of a particular area. The Himalayas, the Indo-Gangetic plain, the Peninsular plateau, the coastal plains, the Desert (the Thar), and the Islands are the six divisions that make up the Indian Relief Features.

Meaning of Relief Features

The highest and lowest elevation points that are found within a given region are referred to as the “structure of relief” in the study of geography. Even the low-lying areas of the landscape have elevated features like mountains, ridges, and valleys.

Furthermore, water patterns cannot be included in relief features. Hence, drainage patterns involving water channels cannot be called relief features. Now that you know what is the meaning of relief features, here are some examples of relief features – Mountains, Valleys, mountain heights, and altitude.

  • A wide variety of landscapes, much like their counterparts on the continents, are hidden beneath the ocean’s surface.
  • Ocean floor features include mountains, basins, plateaus, ridges, gorges, and canyons.
  • Submarine relief refers to these features that provide relief on the ocean floor.
  • The four major sub-divisions of the ocean basins are broadly categorised.
  • They are (a) the continental shelf (b) the continental slope (c) the abyssal plains (d) and (e) the ocean depths.


What is the Meaning of Relief Features?

The characteristics of a specific area’s landscape are referred to as relief features. The highest and lowest points of an area’s elevation are referred to as relief features in the study of geography. They consist of hills, valleys, and ridges in a particular area.

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