UPSC Prelims Subject Wise Weightage

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Prelims Subject Wise Weightage: With the completion of the first stage of UPSC Prelims 2023 on 28th May 2023, candidates now have the opportunity to review the subject-wise weightage for the exam. By checking this comprehensive analysis, candidates can gain a better understanding of how marks are distributed among different subjects. This valuable information can provide candidates with insights into the weightage assigned to each subject and help them understand the relative importance of different subjects in the exam.

UPSC Prelims exam has an extensive syllabus, which includes subjects like History, Geography, Politics, Economics, Science and Technology, Environment, and Current Affairs. Knowing the Subject Wise Weightage of the UPSC Prelims allows applicants to deliberately focus on subjects that hold more weight in terms of marks. Candidates can check UPSC Prelims Subject Wise Weightage in detail below.


UPSC Prelims Subject Wise Weightage

Candidates who appeared in the UPSC Prelims exam on 28th May 2023 can now check the weightage assigned to different subjects. It is crucial for candidates to be aware of the subject-wise weightage as it helps them utilize their time and resources more effectively. By checking weightage, candidates will get to know how marks are distributed across subjects, and can determine the importance  as well as question asked from of each subject and the specific topics within them.

UPSC Prelims has two papers, General Studies Paper 1 and CSAT. The weightage allocated to each subject might change from year to year. Knowing the UPSC Prelims Subject Wise Weightage allows candidates to arrange their preparation more efficiently, focusing on areas that have higher weightage and obtaining a thorough understanding of the complete syllabus. Candidates can check the Subject wise weightage of UPSC Prelims in detail below.

Paper Total Questions Total Marks Duration
GS Paper 1 100 200 2 hours
GS Paper 2 (CSAT) 80 200 2 hours

Subject Wise Weightage for UPSC Prelims 2023

The subject-wise weightage for General Studies Paper 1 of UPSC Prelims 2023 has been made available after its completion. In terms of the number of questions, History had fewer questions compared to Geography, Environment, and Ecology, which had a higher weightage. This year, International Relations had significant importance and more weightage, while Science and Technology had low weightage. In the exam, there were more conceptual questions asked in the Polity section compared to Economics, which had a significantly lower number of questions. Candidates can check the detailed subject-wise weightage in the table below.

Subject Weightage in UPSC Prelims 2023
Geography 17%
Environment and Ecology 17%
Polity 16%
Economy 15%
History 13%
International Relations 10%
Science and Technology 8%
Others 4%

UPSC Prelims Subject Wise Weightage for GS Paper 1

Understanding the subject-wise weightage for General Studies Paper 1 in UPSC Prelims is crucial for candidates preparing for the examination. Studying the trends of the previous year’s question papers of GS 1 of the UPSC Exam can give us useful information about which topics are more important and how many questions were asked from which subject in detail. Understanding this will help candidates to concentrate on their preparation in the right areas. Candidates can check the table for UPSC Prelims Subject-Wise Weightage for General Studies Paper 1 below.

Subject Year-Wise Weightage
2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Polity 14 17 15 13 22
History 20 20 17 22 14
Economy 10 15 14 18 16
Geography 10 10 14 10 9
Environment 11 10 11 13 15
Current Affairs 27 18 22 14 15
Science and Technology 08 10 7 10 9

UPSC Prelims Subject Wise Weightage for CSAT

The analysis of the previous year’s trends of CSAT paper shows that particular subjects have constantly gained importance, while others were given considerably less weightage. To acquire high marks, it is important to understand the UPSC Prelims Subject Wise Weightage of questions asked in CSAT Paper. Candidates can check the number of questions asked for each subject in different years in the table below. Candidates can use this information to examine how many questions were allocated to each subject over time.

Subject UPSC Prelims Weightage Year-Wise
2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Data Interpretation 2 6 0 14 0
Maths & Basic Numeracy 33 39 22 18 28
Reading Comprehension 27 25 30 26 30
Logical & Analytical Reasoning 18 10 18 22 22

UPSC Mains Subject-Wise Weightage

UPSC Mains Subject Wise Weightage explains how marks in the UPSC Mains exam are divided among subjects. It consists of nine papers, including Essay, General Studies Paper 1, 2, 3, and 4, and Optional Paper 1 and 2. Understanding the weightage allows candidates to prioritize subjects, properly allocate preparation time, and increase their chances of success in the exam. Candidates can check the subject wise weightage for UPSC Mains in the table below.

Paper Subject Time Duration Total Marks
Paper A Indian Language 3 hours 300 (Qualifying)
Paper B English 3 hours 300 (Qualifying)
Paper 1 Essay 3 hours 250
Paper 2 General Studies 1 3 hours 250
Paper 3 General Studies 2 3 hours 250
Paper 4 General Studies 3 3 hours 250
Paper 5 General Studies 4 3 hours 250
Paper 6 Optional Paper 1 3 hours 250
Paper 7 Optional Paper 2 3 hours 250
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