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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

CSAT Previous Year Paper would play a vital role for all the candidates preparing for UPSC Exam and wishing to qualify for the Prelims on the first attempt. As a serious aspirant, you must know that CSAT is another name for General Studies-II, and to qualify for it, you have to score at least 33%. Clearing CSAT is extremely important, otherwise, no matter how many marks you secure in the General Studies-I, you would not be able to clear Prelims.

We have created this post that contains CSAT 2022 Question Paper with Solutions PDFs that would be helpful for the candidates. CSAT Question Paper carries a total of 200 marks, and candidates need to score at least 66 marks, or else their General Studies-I paper would not be assessed. Candidates can check out the CSAT Previous Year Papers below to understand the difficulty level of questions, and also the paper pattern for CSAT.

CSAT Question Paper

CSAT or Civil Services Aptitude Test was introduced in 2011, and it is known as General Studies-II. The motive behind introducing this paper was to evaluate the analytical skills of the candidates. It contains 80 objective-type questions, and ⅓ marks are deducted for every wrong answer. Candidates can check out the CSAT Previous Year Papers year-wise below.

Often aspirants ignore CSAT because as compared to GS Paper 1, the syllabus and paper look easy. However, the best way to check where you stand in the level of preparedness for the CSAT Syllabus is by solving the CSAT Previous Year Papers.

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CSAT Previous Year Question Paper with Solution PDF

Candidates can download CSAT Previous Year Question Paper with Solution PDF and plan their preparation accordingly. Remember to manage this section well for the upcoming examination by solving the last 10 years CSAT question papers from 2014 to 2022. Click on the provided links below to download UPSC CSAT Question Papers and answer keys.

CSAT Previous Year Question Paper with Solution PDF
Year-wise CSAT Previous Year Paper CSAT Paper PDF UPSC CSAT Answer Key PDF
UPSC CSAT 2022 Question Paper Download PDF CSAT Answer Key
UPSC CSAT Question Paper 2021 Download PDF CSAT 2021 Answer Key
UPSC CSAT Question Paper 2020 Download PDF CSAT 2020 Answer Key
UPSC CSAT Question Paper 2019 Download PDF CSAT 2019 Answer Key
UPSC CSAT Question Paper 2018 Download PDF CSAT 2018 Answer Key
UPSC CSAT Question Paper 2017 Download PDF CSAT 2017 Answer Key 
UPSC CSAT Question Paper 2016 Download PDF CSAT 2016 Answer Key
UPSC CSAT Question Paper 2015 Download PDF CSAT 2015 Answer Key 
UPSC CSAT Question Paper 2014 Download PDF CSAT 2014 Answer Key
UPSC CSAT Question Paper 2013 Download PDF CSAT 2013 Answer Key

CSAT 2022 Question Paper

CSAT 2022 was conducted on 5th June 2022. Glancing through CSAT Previous Year Paper would guide the candidates to what kind of questions they should expect. Those who are searching for the UPSC CSAT 2022 Question Paper with Solution can download it from the below-given link.

Overall the GS II Paper (CSAT) 2022 was moderately tough and the right selection of questions was crucial to score well. A few questions in Maths were not at all easy. Have a look at the weightage of topics in the UPSC CSAT 2022 question paper.

Topics Number of questions in CSAT 2022 Question Paper
Basic Numeracy and Maths 31 (33) – 2
Reading Comprehension 28 (27) + 1
Logical and Analytical Reasoning 9 (16) – 7
Visual Reasoning 0 (2) – 2
Data Interpretation 0 (2) – 2
Decision Making 0 (0) 0
Data Sufficiency 12 (5) + 7

CSAT 2021 Question Paper

Candidates can click on the direct link mentioned below to download the question paper for CSAT 2021. The CSAT 2021 Question paper was of moderate difficulty level. It is important to solve the CSAT 2021 Question Paper to understand which topics require more preparation and revision as per your practice.

According to the CSAT 2021 Exam Analysis, the weightage of questions related to various topics is mentioned in the table.

Topics Number of questions in CSAT 2021 Question Paper
Data Sufficiency 6
Number System 9
Algebra 5
Average 4
Profit, Loss, and Discount 1
Percentage 1
Ratio 2
Time, Speed and Distance 1
Time and Work 1
Data Interpretation 2
Selection / Combination 2
Geometry / Mensuration 2
Directions 2
Statement/ Conclusion 3
Series 3
Ranking – DS 2
Row arrangement 1
Logical Puzzles 2
Clocks and Calendar 4
Single/Two Question RCs (Critical Reasoning Based) 27
Total 80

CSAT 2020 Question Paper With Solution PDF

Candidates can also download the 2020 CSAT question paper directly from the link provided, and practice the questions to fetch good marks on the paper. Overall, the difficulty level of the CSAT 2020 Question Paper was moderate. Few aspirants struggled with questions on the number system.

You can also check the CSAT 2020 Question Paper Answer Key to check and analyze your attempt. The weightage distribution of the questions asked in the CSAT Question Paper is as follows.

Topics asked in CSAT 2020 Question Paper  Number of questions
Data Sufficiency 5
Number System 15
Algebra 7
Average 4
Profit Loss Discount 3
Percentage 1
Ratio 1
Time Speed Distance 2
Time and Work 1
Mixtures 1
Data Interpretation 1
Geometry 2
Directions 1
Statement Conclusion 2
Blood Relations 1
Sequence 2
Analogy 1
Word formation 1
Row arrangement 1
Logical puzzle 2
Calendar 1
Single/Two Question RCs (Critical Reasoning Based) 25
Total 80

CSAT 2019 Question Paper With Solution PDF

Candidates can download the CSAT 2019 question paper from the link given below to practice, and evaluate their papers. The CSAT Question Paper 2019 saw some changes in the Verbal English Section. There were a few difficult questions and candidates should have attempted the questions selectively to clear the cutoff.

There were no DI questions in CSAT 2019 Question Paper. The difficulty level of the paper was moderate and was slightly more difficult than in 2018. Candidates can download the PDF of the answer key for CSAT 2019 question paper. Question Distribution in CSAT 2019 Question Paper is mentioned below.


Number of Questions

Analytical Reasoning


 Coding-Decoding, Cubes




Sequence and Series


Directions & Blood Relations




Profit-Loss-Discount, S.I-C.I


Averages/% ages


Time, Speed, Distance & Work




P&C, Prob, Sets




Single/Two Question RC (Inference Based)


CSAT 2018 Question Paper With Solution PDF

We have here provided the direct link to download the CSAT 2018 question paper. Candidates can simply download the PDF and boost their preparation for the upcoming CSAT exam. Try to solve the questions first and then check the answers to know your strong and weak points.

After revising all the important topics that are included under the CSAT syllabus, you must always try to check your level of preparation by solving old question papers. This will boost your confidence and increase your speed of solving questions.

CSAT Previous Year Papers with Solutions (2017-2014)

If you have covered and practiced CSAT Previous Year Paper from 2022 to 2018, you can also go through and download the CSAT Previous Year Paper from 2017 to 2014 to ace your preparation level.

CSAT PYQ UPSC Question Papers Download Link
CSAT Question Paper 2017 CSAT Question Paper 2017
CSAT PYQ UPSC 2016 CSAT Question Paper 2016
CSAT Question Paper 2015 Prelims CSAT 2015 Question Paper
CSAT PYQ UPSC 2014 Prelims CSAT 2014 Question Paper

CSAT Previous Year Paper Analysis

CSAT 2021 question paper was lengthy due to the moderate difficulty level of the passages, and it required careful reading of questions from the reasoning and mathematics sections because the questions were framed in long sentences. There were variations in the types of questions asked in the CSAT 2021 question paper. The level of difficulty level has increased in the CSAT question paper since 2020.

The CSAT Previous Year Papers were time-consuming and the questions were framed intelligently. Due to this, candidates were confused between multiple options. In the CSAT Previous Year Papers, questions were from topics like areas, percentages, averages, and ratios, and there were well-planned questions that made the paper difficult to comprehend. In the CSAT 2021 question paper, a fair amount of questions came from the calendars, and clocks on a difficulty level of easy to moderate.

CSAT Question Paper – UPSC CSAT Previous Year Question Papers With Solution, PDF Download

Things to Learn from CSAT 2022 Question Paper

The way UPSC frames the CSAT question papers, it is crucial for the candidates to understand what to leave and what to attempt. Preparing for CSAT only to qualify would not work, candidates must prepare this paper with a rock-solid strategy. Candidates can figure out a strategic approach when glancing through the UPSC CSAT Papers of previous years.

The direct and easier questions should be answered first, and it is imperative to find out when to leave the questions and move forward. Following are some tips that experts recommended based on the CSAT 2022 Question Paper, and they would surely help you ace this paper.

  • Practice as much as you can, and be familiar with various questions while practicing;
  • Practice CSAT Previous Year Papers of at least the last 10 years;
  • Attempt mock tests, and evaluate your preparation;
  • Instead of preparing for either English or Mathematics, adopt a balanced approach.

How to Analyze CSAT Previous Year Paper?

While attempting the CSAT Previous Year Paper it is important for the candidates to analyze them in order to enhance their preparation. As we provided a direct link to all UPSC CSAT Previous Year Papers, candidates are advised to download them all and start attempting, and then analyze them by following the methods below.

  • Start with setting up the timer, and make an exam-friendly environment;
  • Start attempting the questions, and then evaluate the score, in the end;
  • Check your score with the help of the CSAT Previous Year Paper answer key;
  • See if you have scored as per your expectations;
  • If you are not satisfied with your score then find out the reason behind it. Analyze if it was due to not practicing enough, or something else;
  • Work on your mistakes and re-appear for the paper after a while.

CSAT Previous Year Papers: Important Topics

Candidates can check out the weightage of questions as per the topics in the CSAT Previous Year Papers Below. We have mentioned which topics had the highest number of questions, and which topics had a lesser number of questions in the past 9 years of the CSAT exam paper.

Year\Topics Logical & Analytical reasoning Math & Basic numeracy Data Interpretation Decision making Reading comprehension
2011 17 11 5 8 39
2012 28 3 0 9 40
2013 21 11 9 6 33
2014 23 20 6 0 31
2015 18 30 2 0 30
2016 21 31 0 0 28
2017 22 28 0 0 30
2018 22 18 14 0 26
2019 18 32 0 0 30
2020 12 42 0 0 26
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