Tropic of Cancer passes through Which Countries?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Tropic of cancer passes through 16 countries that are Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Algeria, Libya, Niger, UAE (Abu Dhabi), Egypt, India, Myanmar, China, Taiwan, Mexico Bahamas Western Sahara (area claimed by Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Mali, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. On June 21st, the sun is heading towards the Tropic of Cancer.

The name Tropic of Cancer comes from the crab-like constellation Cancer. It was best seen during the summer solstice. The position of the Tropic of Cancer is not fixed, but it is constantly changing due to the slight wobbling of the Earth’s vertical alignment.

How many Countries do the Tropic Of Cancer Pass Through?

The Tropic of Cancer passes through 16 countries, 3 continents, and 6 water bodies in the world. The Tropic of Cancer is an imaginary line at an angle of 231/2 degrees north of the Equator. Here is a list of countries that the Tropic Of Cancer passes through:

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Algeria
  4. Libya
  5. Niger
  6. UAE (Abu Dhabi)
  7. Egypt
  8. India
  9. Myanmar
  10. China
  11. Taiwan
  12. Mexico Bahamas Western Sahara (area claimed by Morocco)
  13. Mauritania
  14. Oman
  15. Mali
  16. Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Features of the Tropic of Cancer

Now you know the list of countries through which the Tropic of Cancer passes. In addition, the Tropic of Cancer passes through eight states in India: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura, and Mizoram.

Let us look at some of the interesting features of the Tropic of Cancer:

  • The Tropic of Cancer is also known as the Northern Tropic.
  • This imaginary line was named around 2000 years ago.
  • The Sun can be directly overhead as it is the most northerly circle. It is usually in the month of June.
  • At present, the line is gradually drifting toward the south, as per research data by scientists.
  • Tropic of Cancer crosses the Mahi River twice in India, first in Madhya Pradesh, from where it flows towards Rajasthan and enters Gujarat, where it cuts for the second time.


Tropic of Cancer Passes Through Which Countries?

There are 16 countries through which the Tropic of Cancer passes. The 16 countries are Algeria, Libya, Niger, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bangladesh, India, China, Mexico, Taiwan, Mauritania, Bahamas, and Mali. The Tropic of cancer is an imaginary line in the north of the Equator.

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