In an Organization, Forces which Affects the Organizational Behaviour are

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

In an Organization, the Forces that Affects Organizational Behaviour are people, structure, environment, and technology. Organizational behavior is studying employees and their behavior in an organizational setting. It is an interface between the organization and its employees. Organizational behavior is based on 4 forces that help understand the employees’ performance and attitude.

Forces Affecting the Organizational Behaviour

The key forces that influence organizational behavior today can seem a bit complicated. The four categories that affect organizational behavior are mainly people, structure, technology, and environment.

These are the important forces that impact an organization deeply. It has been noticed that usually, individuals behave differently outside the organization than they do with the things related to the organization. The individuals working in the organization mold their behavior based on the attainment of the organization’s goal.

Research Methods of Organizational Behaviour

There are a variety of research methods that are used in the organization’s behavior, as given below:

  • Qualitative Methods: These methods involve observations in the written matter or interview content analysis. Some more common methods include ethnography, historical methods, and case studies. Quantitative methods include the statistical form of observations such as meta-analysis, multiple regression, multilevel analysis, correlation, time series analysis, analysis of variance, and much more.
  • Computer Stimulation: This method is mainly used to understand the operation of firms and organizations. It is used to analyze Individual behavior as well as Group Work.

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