The World’s Busiest Metro System is situated in which of the following Countries? (A) Beijing Subway, China (B) Tokyo Subway, Japan (C) Shanghai Metro, China (D) Seoul Subway, South Korea

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Busiest Metro System in the World is the Tokyo Subway, in Japan. A 310 km rapid transit network serves the Greater Tokyo area of Japan with 13 lines and 290 stops. The Teito Rapid Transit Authority (TRTA), which had previously been a statutory corporation, was changed into a Kabushiki gaisha (joint-stock company) in 2004. Tokyo has two different subway systems namely Tokyo Metro and Toei Subways. These two subway systems are connected.

Busiest Metro System in the World

The second-busiest metro system in the world is in Beijing, China. The JR Yamanote Line, also known as the “Tokyo Loop Line” or simply the “Loop Line,” is the most practical train line in Tokyo. On this line, a Japan Rail Pass is valid. The systems in the station, train, and customer information diagrams portray the metro network uniquely.

  • For instance, the Marunouchi Line and the JR Yamanote Line share the central ring line on the Tokyo Metro map, whereas the Toei map reserves it for the Toei oedo Line.
  • Additionally, the lines on the system maps for each system are typically shown with thicker lines.
  • The Seoul Subway in South Korea is the third busiest metro system in the world.
  • Shanghai, China, is home to the fourth-busiest metro system in the entire world.
  • As of 2020, the combined Tokyo and Toei metro systems’ subway system had 286 stations and 13 lines, with a total length of 304.0 kilometers (188.9 mi).
  • The Toei and Tokyo Metro networks receive daily usage by more than eight million people on average.


The World’s Busiest Metro System is situated in which of the following Countries?

The Tokyo subway system in Japan is the busiest metro system in the world. It has served 310 km with 290 stops and 13 lines. Presently, it runs nine lines with 180 stations throughout 195.0 kilometers.

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