Name the Place Where Indian National Congress Session was Held in December 1920?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Indian National Congress Session was held in Nagpur in December 1920 which is called Nagpur session. In the Nagpur Session of INC, key non-cooperation agreements were undertaken. A program was presented to abandon names, boycott international goods, schools, courts, and councils, and encourage preserving Hindu-Muslim unity and strict non-violence.

Location of Indian National Congress Session of 1920

The Indian National Congress (INC) held a special session in Calcutta on September 4, 1920. The session was chaired by Lala Lajpat Rai. Gandhi predicted that he would achieve swaraj through non-cooperation in this meeting in a year. This, however, could not be demonstrated to be accurate. The following INC session was then held in Nagpur that same year.

  • The INC passed the primary resolution of non-cooperation during this meeting.
  • It was resolved to renounce the titles and reject British government-owned schools, courts, councils, and foreign products.
  • Promotion and maintenance of Muslim-Hindu harmony and nonviolence throughout the campaign were prioritised.

During this session, the INC underwent significant revisions that made it more political and realistic. However, Jinnah and other left-leaning groups decided to leave INC as a result of these changes in the party.


Name the Place Where Indian National Congress Session was Held in December 1920?

In 1920 at Nagpur, the Indian National Congress session was held under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi to adopt a resolution for the Non-Cooperation Movement. INC approved the non-cooperation movement in a special session conducted in Calcutta in September 1920. It was subsequently passed in the Nagpur Session held in December 1920.

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