The Pitot Tube is used to Measure

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The pitot tube is used to measure stagnation pressure. Pitot Tube was invented by a French engineer, Henri Pitot. It was modified to its modern form in the mid-19th century by a French scientist, Henry Darcy. It is used on aircraft as a speedometer. Dynamic pressure is the difference between static pressure and stagnation pressure.

Pitot Tube is used to Measure

The tube in Pitot points directly into the fluid flow. As there is no outlet to allow flow to continue the moving fluid is brought to rest and pressure can be measured. This pressure is known as stagnation pressure. According to Bernoulli’s equation, Stagnation pressure = static pressure + dynamic pressure. The difference between stagnation pressure and static pressure is known as dynamic pressure.

  • A system of pressure-sensitive instruments known as a pitot-static system is frequently used in aviation to measure a Mach number, aircraft’s airspeed, altitude, and altitude trend.
  • A pitot tube, a static port, and the pitot-static instruments typically make up a pitot-static system.
  • Pitot-static system reading errors can be very dangerous because the data it provides, like airspeed, may be crucial for safety.

Pitot Tube: Key Points

The crucial details pertaining to the Pitot tube are given below:

  • The total pressure or the pitot pressure are other names for stagnation pressure.
  • Pitot tubes are used in industries to measure the flow velocities in ducts and tubing.
  • It is used to determine the amount of air being delivered to a climate-controlled space.
  • In weather stations with high wind speeds, it can be modified to create a specialised anemometer known as a pitot tube static anemometer.


The Pitot Tube is used to Measure

Stagnation pressure is measured using a Pitot tube. Henri Pitot, a French engineer, created the Pitot Tube. In the middle of the 19th century, a French scientist named Henry Darcy changed it to take on its present form. It serves as a speedometer on aircraft.

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