Venturimeter is a Device used to Measure the

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

A venturi meter is used to measure fluid flow speed in a pipe. There are three elements of a venturi meter such as a converging part, a throat, and a diverging part. A venturi meter consists of a straight channel section, a tubular throat, uniting cone-shaped Gulf segments, and a rotating clone-like outlet segment. It works on Bernoulli’s equation which says that the difference in pressure made over the blocks shows the proportion of the liquid stream rate.

Use of Venturimeter

A tool used in the study of liquids that operates according to Bernoulli’s principle is called a Venturi meter. According to Bernoulli’s principle, the pressure within a flowing liquid or gas falls as the speed increases. The Bernoulli principle, which states that the difference in pressure created over the obstruction yields the proportion of the liquid stream rate, underlies how a venturi metre operates. The square of the pressure differential determines the stream rate.

  • A straight channel region, a tube-shaped neck, a joining cone-shaped gulf segment, and a deviating clone-like exit segment make up a venturi meter.
  • The proportion of stream rate refers to the differential in pressure between the delta and throat.
  • The liquid pressure tends to decrease when moving through a channel’s constricted section, known as the Venturi impact.

By reducing the cross-sectional area and producing a pressure gradient, a venturimetre is primarily used to calculate the liquid flow rate through a pipe.


A Venturimeter is used to measure?

To measure a fluid’s speed within a pipe, a venturimeter is used. Venturimeter works on the principle of Bernoulli. This device is commonly used in the pharmaceutical water, oil & gas industries, and chemicals to measure the flow rates of fluids inside a pipe.

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