Elle, the Measuring Unit in Germany was used to Measure

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Elle, the measuring unit in Germany, was used to measure cloth. It refers to a hand, and its unit of measurement is the forearm and the extended arm joint. Elle was used to measuring the length of the cloth. One Elli is equal to 18 inches or 0.45 meters. The use of the Elli as a unit of measurement was not limited to Germany.

Elle the German Measuring Unit

In Germany, the units of measurement used vary from kingdom to kingdom. Elle was the measuring unit for cloth and was represented by the forearm and the extended arm. If we compare the English units of measurement to Elle, one Elle would equal to 18 inches.

  • It was also used as a measuring unit in Scotland, Poland, Sweden, and other parts of Europe. Read the information below to learn more about the German unit of measurement, the ell.
  • Half of the English Ell is slightly less than the Dutch el and the German Elle.
  • The origin of the word Elle/Ell /el is from the Latin word Ulna.

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