Fathometer is Used to Measure?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

A Fathometer is used for the measurement of the depth of the ocean. It is also known as Depth Finder or Echo Sounder. It is used on the ship to determine the depth by measuring the time it takes for the sound produced to return from the bottom of the water body.

Use of Fathometer

The use of sonar for ranging, typically to determine the depth of water, is known as echo sounding or depth sounding. It involves sending sound waves into water and timing the gap between the pulse’s emission and return; the resulting time of flight, combined with knowledge of the water’s sound speed, allows calculating the separation between the target and the sonar. Following that, this data is typically used for navigational purposes or to determine depths for charting.

It was invented by the Boston submarine signal business in 1925. Some of the other instruments that are used for measurement are:

  • Richter Scale is used to measure earthquakes.
  • A rain Gauge is used for measuring Rainfall.
  • Fluxmeter is used to measure Magnetic Flux.
  • An ammeter is used for measuring the current in a circuit.
  • A voltmeter is used to measure the voltage or potential difference between two points in an electrical or electronic circuit.


Fathometer is Used to Measure?

An ocean depth gauge called a fathometer is used to measure ocean depth. It is also referred to as an Echo Sounder or Depth Finder. By timing how long it takes for the sound to reverberate from the water’s surface, it is used on ships to gauge depth. The data derived with the help of a fathometer is then used for navigational purposes by boats and ships. Some other popular instruments that measure different natural phenomena include the Richter scale, rain gauge, flux meter, ammeter, and voltmeter.

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