A Megger is used to Measure _____?

By Balaji

Updated on: February 17th, 2023

The megger is used to measure high insulation resistance. It is also ideal for measuring the insulation resistance of cables. The word Megger, derived from the words “Megohms” and “Tester”, is an exclusive trademark of Evershed & Vignola’s Ltd. A Megohmmeter is commonly known as a “megger”.

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Megger is used to Measure

A portable device called a megger is used to measure high insulation resistances. The electromagnetic induction theory explains its operation. A permanent magnet D.C. generator provides the electricity needed by a megger. The test voltages are often generated by a hand-driven generator. They are in the range of 500, 1000, or 2500 V.

A moving coil meter serves as the foundation for a megger’s operation. An earth tester, also known as an earth megger, can test the resistance over a range of currents and distances resistance is measured. The insulation resistance of the cables is measured using an insulation merger. Following are the benefits of a megger.

  • Electrical Security
  • Can Detect Wire Leaks
  • Can check the insulation level of any electrical equipment
  • Electronic megger used in confined spaces
  • They are easy to use & easy to carry


A Megger is used to Measure _____?

To measure high insulation resistance, the Megger is used. All semiconductor devices, when reverse biased are examples of High Resistance Materials. The loss of charge method & direct-deflection method are methods to measure High Resistance.

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