Which Agency Estimates the National Income of India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Central Statistical Office (CSO) agency estimates the National Income of India. It is a government agency under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. It is responsible for coordinating and maintaining the statistical standards in India. CSO looks after the standards of statistical operations in the country. It was merged with National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) to form the National Statistical Office (NSO) in 2019.

Agency Estimating the National Income of India

The National Income of India refers to the total goods and services produced in the period of one year. It is an important factor that is an indicator of the growth of a country’s economy. By estimating the national income and analyzing its figures, one can understand the pace at which the economy is moving. It is the total sum of income earned by everyone in a country.

CSO is based in Delhi with some of its divisions of Industrial Statistical Work located in Calcutta. The CSO was first instituted on 2 May 1951 as a part of the cabinet secretary with the name Central Statistical Institute.

  • Now, Central Statistical Institute has been merged with the Central Statistical Organisation, and it is known as National Statistical Office.
  • It is headed by the Secretary of the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation.
  • It takes care of all the country’s statistical data and provides organizations with enough resources to perform their operations efficiently.


Which Agency Estimates the National Income of India?

The National Income of India is estimated by Central Statistical Office. It was formed on 2 May 1951. It analyses various factors to provide the figures that become the national income. National Income in India is calculated by CSO using various parameters. This data is then further used to understand the pace at which the economy is moving and is expected to move in the future.

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