Largest Solar Power Plant in India: List of Largest Solar Parks in India

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The largest solar power plant in India in terms of the most power generation is Bhadla Solar Park in Rajasthan. Solar power is one of the fastest-growing industries, and India has been a major contributor to generating solar energy. One can easily find a long list of solar power plants in India. 42 solar parks in India have been established to make land available for those who wish to advocate for solar power. Solar plants in India generate enough electricity to rank in the fourth position globally and third in Asia.

Solar energy conversion into electricity is referred to as solar power. This can be achieved using photovoltaic cells or indirectly using concentrated solar power. As of 30th September 2022, the total installed capacity of the solar power plants in India has reached 60.813 GW.

Largest Solar Power Plant in India

Among several solar parks in India, Bhadla Solar Park has been the largest solar power plant in India and the world until now. This plant is in Bhadla, Phalodi tehsil, in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. It has a solar capacity of 2250 MW and is spread over a large area of 14000 acres. It was commenced in 2015 with an investment of 1.4 billion in Bhadla, Jodhpur district, Rajasthan, the world’s largest solar power plant. The temperature in Bhadla ranges from 46 to 48 degrees, and the region receives excellent solar radiation the whole year.

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Bhadla Solar Park is also the second biggest solar power plant in India in terms of the area in which it is installed. Ten million solar panels in the plant have a generation capacity of 2245 megawatts. The Bhadla solar power plant project is a part of a 1,00,000-megawatt solar energy grand plan.

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About Largest Solar Park in India

Solar power generation in India is at an all-time high. The solar industry has been contributing largely to the country’s electricity generation lately. India is proudly home to the largest solar park and also the largest floating solar power plant. Let us look at some of the largest solar parks in India.

Largest Solar Power Plant in India (solar power generation)

Bhadla Solar Park

Second Biggest Solar Plant in India

Bhadla Solar Park (area-wise)

Largest Floating Solar Power Plant in India

Ramagundam Floating Solar PV Project at Ramagundam, Telangana

Solar city of India


Most Power producing state of India


World’s largest solar power plant

Bhadla Solar Park

Second most solar power producing state of India


List of Largest Solar Power Plant in India 2022

As mentioned above, currently, there are more than 40 solar power plants in India. They are identified and distinguished based on the amount of energy they generate. India has the world’s largest solar power plant, Bhadla Solar Park, in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. It generates around 2055 MW of solar power, contributing to the country’s electricity generation.

Take a look at the list of India’s top 5 largest solar power plants.


Solar Power Parks in India

Power Generation



Bhadla Solar Park, Rajasthan

2250 MW

14000 Acres


Pavagada Solar Park, Karnataka

2000 MW

13000 Acres


Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park, Andhra Pradesh

1000 MW

5932 Acres


NP Kunta, Andhra Pradesh

1500 MW

7924 Acres


Rewa Ultra Mega Solar, Madhya Pradesh

750 MW

1590 Acres

Bhadla Solar Park

The Bhadla Solar Park is credited with the title of the world’s largest solar power plant in terms of solar power generation.

  • It is also the second largest in terms of area. It is spread over an area of 14000 acres in Bhadla village, Phalodi tehsil, Jodhpur district, Rajasthan.
  • The average temperature range in this area is 46-48 degree Celsius. Due to its extreme climatic conditions, this area has been declared uninhabitable.
  • The Bhadla Solar Park is currently under development under various stakeholders and is partially operational.
  • The installation capacity of the solar plant is 2245 MW.
  • The construction cost was ₹10,000 crore (US$1.3 billion).

Pavagada Solar Park

The world’s third largest solar power plant is Pavagada Solar Park, with an area of 53 square kilometres in Karnataka, India. It is a type of flat-panel Photovoltaic solar plant and the biggest solar plant in India. The full name of this plant is Shakti Sthala Pavagada Solar Park, the world’s second-largest photovoltaic solar park.

  • It is spread over 53 square kilometres in Pavagada taluk, Tumkur district of Karnataka.
  • The area has favourable geographical conditions.
  • The Pavagada Solar Park was completed in 2019 and operational in 2020.
  • Karnataka Solar Power Development Corporation Ltd. (KSPDCL) is the plant’s owner, and the total project cost was US$2.1 billion or ₹14,800 crores.

Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park

The Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Plant is located in Panyam Mandal of Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh.

  • It was also credited with the title of the world’s largest solar power park when it was being made.
  • This solar power plant of India was established within two years of its authorization in 2017 by the Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Corporation Private Limited (APSPCL).

NP Kunta Ultra Mega Solar Park

The NP Kunta Ultra Mega Solar Park is located in the Nambulapulakunta Mandal in the Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

  • It is also known as the Ananthapuram Ultra Mega Solar Park.
  • The solar power plant is spread over an area of 7924 acres and was certified in the year 2016.
  • NP Kunta Ultra Mega Solar Park has been divided into two parts Anathapuram 1 and Anathpuram 2. The first part is supposed to generate electricity worth 1500 MW, whereas the second part generates around 500 MW of solar power.

Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Park

This ultra mega solar park is Asia’s largest single-site solar power plant and one of India’s largest solar power plants.

  • The Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Power Plant is a photovoltaic solar plant located in Gurh tehsil of Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The solar power plant was started in 2018 and has received the World Bank Group’s President’s Award for excellence for its transaction structure.
  • It is also the first such solar power plant in India that provides power to the Delhi Metro.
  • It is also the first and only solar power plant funded by the Clean Technology Fund (CTF).
  • The plant is a joint venture between Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikash Nigam Limited (MPUVNL) and the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI).

Charanka Solar Park

The Charanka Solar Park, also known as the Gujarat Solar Park-1, is developing on a 2,000-hectare (4,900-acre) land. The Gujarat Solar Park-1 is located in the Charanka village in Patan district, northern Gujarat.

Kamuthi Solar Power Project

The Kamuthi Solar Power Plant is a photovoltaic power station that is spread over an area of 2,500 acres. The solar park is located in Kamuthi, Ramanathapuram district, 90 km from Madurai, in Tamil Nadu, India.

Kadapa Ultra Mega Solar Park

The Kadapa Ultra Mega Solar Park is located in the Mylavaram Mandal of Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh. It is spread over a total area of 5,927.76 acres.

Top 10 World’s Biggest Solar Power Plant

A list of the top 10 world’s largest solar power plants is mentioned here. Learn about the country where these solar power plants are situated, their installation capacities, and more.



Installation Capacity

Bhadla Solar Park


2245 MW

Huanghe Hydropower Hainan Solar Park


2.2 GW

Pavagada Solar Park or Shakti Sthala Solar Power Project


2050 MW

Benban Solar Park



Tengger Desert Solar Park


1,547 MW

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park


1,313 MW

Sweihan PV Independent Power Project


1,177 MW

Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park


1000 MW

Copper Mountain Solar Facility

United States

802 MW

Mount Signal Solar

United States

794 MW

Other Solar Power Plants in India

India has been a major contributor when it comes to the generation of electricity through solar power. The future is seemingly strong in India’s solar power generation. Let us look at India’s other important solar power projects contributing to solar power generation.


Solar Park



Andhra Pradesh

Ananthapuramu-I Solar Park


Kadapa Solar Park


Ananthapuramu-II Solar Park


Hybrid Solar Wind Park


Arunachal Pradesh

Lohit Solar Park



Radhnesada Solar Park


Harsad Solar Park


Dholera Solar Park Ph-I


Dholera Solar Park Ph-II


Himachal Pradesh

Kaza Solar Park



Floating Solar Park



Kasargod Solar Park


Madhya Pradesh

Mandsaur Solar Park








Omkareswar Floating Solar Park


Chhattarpur Solar Park


Barethi Solar Park



Sai Guru Solar Park (Pragat)


Patoda Solar Park (Paramount)


Dondaicha Solar Park



Bukpi Solar Park



Solar park in Meghalaya



Vandal Solar Park



Solar Park by NHPC


Solar Park by NHPC



Bhadla-II Solar Park


Bhadla-III Solar Park


Bhadla-IV Solar Park


Phalodi-Pokaran Solar Park


Fatehgarh Phase-1B Solar Park


Nokh Solar Park


Uttar Pradesh

Solar Park in UP


Jalaun Solar Park


Ultra Mega Solar Power Parks

Ultra Mega Solar Parks, also referred to as the Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects are a series of solar power projects.

  • The Ultra Mega Solar Parks were planned by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of the Union Government of India in December 2014.
  • The government started this project to establish atleast 25 such Ultra Mega Solar Power Plants.
  • The Central Government is responsible for providing the funding for these projects.
  • Each of these solar power projects has a minimum capacity of 500 MW.
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