How is Vidhan Parishad Elected?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Members of the Vidhan Parishad are elected indirectly by various sections of the state. They are elected by members of the state’s local bodies, such as district boards and municipalities, as well as by state graduates and residents, teachers, and the Governor of the State. Teachers must have at least three years of teaching experience to be eligible for this election (not lower than the secondary level).

Election of Vidhan Parishad

The Vidhan Parishad’s actual size is equal to or less than the total number of members of the State Legislative Assembly. Perhaps it is subject to the condition that the Vidhan Parishad have at least 40 members. We have included some information about Vidhan Parishad’s election process below. It will assist you in better understanding it.

Members of the state’s local bodies, such as district boards, municipalities, Panchayat Samitis, and Gram Panchayat, elect 1/3 members to the Vidhan Parishad. Members of the State Legislative Assembly elect 1/3 members from among the outside members of the State Legislative Council.

  • 1/12 of the council members are elected by three-year graduates and long-term residents of the state.
  • 1/12 of the members are teachers with at least three years of teaching experience (not less than secondary schools within the state).
  • The Governor appoints 1/6 members from among those who have a strong interest in the arts, literature, science, social work, and operative movements.

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