When was NREGA renamed MGNREGA?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

NREGA was renamed MGNREGA in 2009 by making an amendment to the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005. The amendment dealt with changing the name of the NREGA Act to the MGNREGA Act. This change was made to Section 1 (1), which was renamed the NREGA to MGNREGA.

NREGA renamed as MGNREGA

NREGA refers to National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, and it was renamed by adding the words Mahatma Gandhi to it and is now popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).

  • NREGA or MGNREGA Act refers to a wage employment program that gives guaranteed wage employment for at least a hundred days to one of the adult members of every rural household who agrees to do unskilled manual labor.
  • P.V. Narasimha Rao proposed the act for the first time in 1991. It was finally approved by the parliament and is now being implemented in 625 districts across India.
  • Based on this pilot experience, NREGA was expanded to cover all districts in India beginning April 1, 2008.
  • The government praised the statute as “the world’s largest and most ambitious social security and public works program.”
  • The World Bank, among others, chastised the act in 2009 for impeding development through policy restrictions on internal movement.

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