How is Jute Fiber obtained from the Jute Plant?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Jute fiber is obtained from the stem and outer skin (ribbon) of the Jute plant. The fibres are first extracted during retting. Jute stems are bundled and submerged in slow-moving water in this method. Finally, the manual stripping procedure is used to separate the non-fibrous portion from the bundles.

Steps of Obtaining Jute Fibre from Jute Plant

Wetting is the process of immersing jute in water. The stem of the jute plant is taken and formed into bundles during this process. These bundles are dipped in slow-running water to wet them. The bundles are submerged in water at depths ranging from 60 to 100 cm. The process is completed in 8 – 30 days, and the fibers are ready for extraction by easily separating the barks from the wood or sticking them easily.

The wetting process is of two variations:

  1. Ribbon wetting
  2. Stem wetting

Jute is Obtained From?

Stripping is the process that is done after Wetting. In stripping, the non-fibrous thing is removed from the bundles by hand. Mostly, women do this. Fibres are removed from the stalk using any one of the methods :

  1. Single plants are picked, and the fibres are removed.
  2. Handfuls of stalks are taken, and motion in the water is to and fro.
  3. Washing of stalks at first by standing in deep water and then stripping it.

Stalk bundles are placed in the pond or slow streams in plenty of water and left for about 5-15 days. The stem bunch is held in hand with the end of roots lightly tapped using a mallet. Once the rest of the fibres are loosened, the fibres are extracted and washed.

Picking – After stripping, the workers pick the fibres from the mass of the stem. Jute fibre is acquired from the branch of the jute plant.


How is Jute Fiber obtained from the Jute Plant?

The jute fibre is obtained from the jute plant using the retting, stripping, and picking process. The fibre is obtained from the stem of the jute plant. The plant or fibre that is used for making burlap, hessian, or gunny cloth is called the jute plant.

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