The First Jute Mill in India was Started in

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

In 1855, the first jute mill was built in Rishra, a town close to Kolkata. After India was divided in 1947, jute mills continued to operate there, but Bangladesh absorbed three-fourths of the jute-producing region. The Hoogly River adjacent mill was built in Kolkata. The jute-spinning machinery was delivered by George Acland from Dundee. Four years after it was first created, in 1859, the first power-driven jute mill was built.

First Jute Mill in India

The first Jute mill in India, established in Kolkata was called the Acland Mill. Natural fibre, known as jute, has a golden, supple, lengthy, and silky lustre. Due to its golden color, jute is frequently referred to as a golden fibre. After cotton, jute is the most significant vegetable fibre in terms of consumption, production, availability, and utilization.

The Golden Fibre Revolution was entirely centred on jute. This revolution led to a number of changes in the nation’s economy. Jute fibre can only be produced from the stem of jute plants. Rishra Jute Mills was the country’s first jute mill.

  • Kolkata was the ideal location to set up a jute mill because the areas around it provided the essential raw materials for jute production.
  • There was an ample supply of labour, and coal for power, and the city was in an ideal location for shipping to foreign markets.
  • In 1855, Rishra became the city of Kolkata’s first jute mill.
  • Five mills had been established by the end of 1869, and there were 950 active looms within them.
  • The Indian Subcontinent is where most jute is traded.


The First Jute Mill in India was Started in

The first jute mill was constructed in Rishra, an area adjacent to Kolkata, in 1855. After India was divided in 1947, jute mills continued to work there, but Bangladesh absorbed 3rd-4th of the jute-producing region.

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