The Flexibility in Plants is due to a Tissue called?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Flexibility in plants is due to a living tissue called collenchyma. It gives the plants elasticity and makes them easier to bend. The collenchyma cells are what make up a plant’s secondary phloem. They have the capacity to store and reserve water. They safeguard plants from harm caused by machinery. The plant’s branches, leaves, stems, and other parts all contain collenchyma.

Flexibility in Plants

Collenchyma is a supporting tissue that is typical of the developing organs of many herbaceous and woody plants. It is also present in mature herbaceous plants’ stems and leaves, even those that have undergone only minor secondary growth. Tangential, annular, lacunar, and angular collenchyma cells are the four different types. Their cell wall thickness and the amount of intercellular space surrounding them serve as distinguishing characteristics.

Functions of Collenchyma:

Collenchyma cells provide plants with rigidity and elasticity, you can get complete knowledge of the properties of collenchyma as illustrated herewith.

  • It is a simple permanent tissue.
  • There are living cells, the cell walls are filled with cellulose.
  • They provide plants with flexibility and rigidity.
  • There are numerous types of collenchyma such as Angular Collenchyma, Lacunar Collenchyma, Annular Collenchyma, and Lamellar Collenchyma.
  • By the process of dedifferentiation, it forms phellogen or cork cambium the constituent of vascular tissue.


The Flexibility in Plants is due to a Tissue called?

The collenchyma tissue provides plants with elasticity and flexibility. The secondary phloem is made up of collenchyma cells. Simple permanent tissue is what they are. There are various types of collenchyma such as Angular collenchyma, Annular Collenchyma, Lacunar Collenchyma, and Lamellar Collenchyma.

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