Which One of the Following is a Natural Fiber? (1) Nylon (2) Jute (3) Acrylic

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Jute is a Natural Fiber. Fibers are the raw materials used to make clothes in the textile industry. Natural fibers are typically obtained from plants and animals, whereas man-made or synthetic fibers are created in laboratories. The origin of a natural fiber can be used to categorize it.

Natural Fiber

Jute is a natural fiber obtained from the stalks of a jute plant, and it is shiny and soft in nature. It is one of the cheapest fibers which makes it consumer-friendly, and it has a variety of uses as well. It is commonly used to make mats, ropes, and bags as it is very durable.

The natural fiber is any raw material obtained directly from an animal, vegetable, or mineral source. It can be spun into threads to create woven fabrics or non-woven materials like felt or paper. Natural fiber can also be described as an accumulation of cells having a small diameter relative to their length.

Although there are many fibrous materials in nature, particularly cellulosic ones like cotton, wood, grains, and straw, very few can be exploited to make textiles or for other industrial uses.


Which one of the Following is a Natural Fiber?

Natural Fiber is Jute. On the other hand, Nylon and Acrylic are synthetic or man-made fibers created in laboratories. Among the significant fibers of the vegetable or cellulose-base class are jute, flax, and cotton. Natural fibers are basically an accumulation of cells having a small diameter. They are easily available in nature and are used in various industries.

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