How did Hyderabad Become Part of India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Hyderabad became part of India in September 1948 due to Operation Polo. As part of a military operation to join the Indian Union, the Indian Armed Forces invaded the Nizam-ruled princely state. India launched Operation Polo because it could not allow a prominent and wealthy state like Hyderabad to remain independent for fear of sparking requests for independence from newly formed states.

Hyderabad becoming Part of India

Telangana state is located in southern India, and its capital is Hyderabad. It is a significant hub for the technology sector and has many posh eateries and shops.

Golconda Fort, a former hub for diamond trading and the seat of the Qutb Shahi dynasty, is one of its historic sites. The historic Charminar, a mosque from the 16th century with four arches that support soaring minarets, is located close to the Laad Bazaar.

  • Hyderabad Liberation Day is observed annually by Telangana devotees, who, geographically, make up the majority of the erstwhile Hyderabad state, except the regions that are now a part of Maharashtra and Karnataka.
  • However, if people were aware of the violence that occurred, they would understand there isn’t much to rejoice about.
  • Upon learning that the Nizam’s Army was committing atrocities against defenseless civilians, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel concluded that it was time for the Army to invade Hyderabad.
  • Although their official names were “Operation Polo” and “Operation Caterpillar,” “Police Action” was the name that the majority of people were familiar with.


How did Hyderabad Become Part of India?

In September 1948, Hyderabad became a part of India due to Operation Polo. The Indian Armed Forces attacked the princely state governed by the Nizam as part of an invasion campaign to join the Indian Union.

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