State Two Economically Important Uses of (a) Heterotrophic Bacteria (b) Archaebacteria

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Two economically important uses of Heterotrophic Bacteria and Archaebacteria are that they are used for fixing nitrogen for plants, like Rhizobium, and help in the formation of curd, like Lactobacillus. On the other hand, Archaebacteria is used in the bioleaching of minerals and in the production of gobar gas which is used as fuel, such as Methanobacterium.

Economical Importance of Heterotrophic Bacteria and Archaebacteria

Heterotrophic Bacteria derive energy from organic compounds and help in nutrient recycling. They are most abundant in nature. The majority of them are important decomposers. They have a significant impact on human affairs. There are some pathogens that cause harm to humans, crops, farm animals, and pets. Cholera, typhoid, tetanus, and citrus canker are well-known diseases caused by various bacteria.

  • Archaebacteria flourish without oxygen and can live in various environments.
  • They are thus called extremophiles.
  • They differ from other bacteria in a distinct cell wall structure and this characteristic is responsible for their survival in extreme conditions.
  • Methanogens are present in the stomach of many ruminant animals such as buffaloes and cows.
  • They produce methane (biogas) from the dung of these animals.

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