Dress Code for UPSC Prelims Exam 2023

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Aspirants should have a fair knowledge of the Dress Code for UPSC Prelims exam before appearing for the exam. UPSC Preliminary examination is scheduled for 28 May 2023. Candidates’ first impression does not require a long list of rules but simply necessitates three things, which are following the dress code for UPSC Prelims, knowledge, and behavior. In the IAS interview, what you choose to wear is quite important because the interviewers may have formed an opinion of you even before you speak.

To make a strong first impression, candidates should adhere to the guidelines of the Dress Code for UPSC Prelims exam outlined in this article. Aspirants must go through the entire article to know how to dress for UPSC Prelims and Civil Services Interview.

Dress Code for UPSC Prelims Exam

It is required that aspirants Dress for UPSC Prelims neatly and cleanly. To prevent a last-minute rush when getting dressed, be sure to iron your clothes a day before the exam. To look respectable in front of the interviewers, you must avoid wearing a dress for UPSC Prelims that is too tight. Women should wear Indian traditional attire; if a saree is not comfortable for you, you can choose a standard suit.

As per the dress code for UPSC Prelims exam, candidates are advised to put on relaxed shoes like flats or sandals with low heels. Your suit should be light and subtle in color, preferably made of cotton. For the UPSC interview, both men and women should be appropriately dressed in formal attire. Women should use as little or no makeup as feasible. Make sure to present yourself professionally in the UPSC Exam.

  • Women should correctly tie their hair back; otherwise, they risk distracting the interviewer as well as themselves.
  • According to the UPSC Prelims dress code, pick appropriate sandals or formal footwear.
  • Men should choose formal shirts and formal pants of light color and the print should be simple.
  • You can dress more formally for the UPSC interview by wearing a necktie.
  • Men should only wear formal, well-kept shoes with dark-colored socks.

Importance of UPSC Prelims Exam Dress Code

Your dress for UPSC Prelims sets the tone for how professionally you show yourself to interviewers. Even if you appear good on the document, but you don’t dress professionally for UPSC Prelims, it will appear that you have little regard for yourself. Following is the importance of following the dress code for UPSC Prelims exam:

  • Even if you think that your knowledge should be evaluated instead of how you look, dressing well for the UPSC Prelims demonstrates that you have respect for the interviewers.
  • Your best performance might emerge when you’re in your most visually appealing attire.
  • Dressing professionally for UPSC Prelims can increase your confidence.

Dress Code for UPSC Interview: Things to Remember

Making a strong first impression begins with maintaining a neat and professional dress code for UPSC Prelims exam and interviews. Candidates can examine the mock interview videos to see how others are dressed for the Prelims exam before their interview. Here are the important things to remember about the UPSC Interview dress code:

  • Women should refrain from wearing bulky jewelry with showy designs; a simple chain and one-finger ring will do.
  • Avoid using hairpins with distracting colors and textures.
  • Men must avoid sporting pants and t-shirts because they would appear unprofessional.
  • As per the dress code for UPSC, avoid wearing bright clothes.
  • Deodorants with strong scents should not be worn. Instead, you can sprinkle a light-scented perfume.
  • Women shouldn’t carry flashy, expensive handbags; a modest purse and identification will do.
  • The Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069, is the venue of the UPSC interview.
  • Wear nothing that would suggest your beliefs are related to a particular religion or political party.
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