Distinguish Between Democratic and Non-Democratic Elections

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Difference Between Democratic and Non Democratic Elections is based on whether people have the right to express their opinions freely. In democratic elections, the people elect the rulers through elections. Whereas in Non-Democratic Elections, people have no say in electing a ruler. In India, we maintain a Democratic election system.

Difference Between Democratic and Non-Democratic Elections

Democracy is a form of government where the people elect the rulers. The fundamental differences between Democratic and Non-democratic Elections are discussed below:

Democratic Elections Non Democratic Elections
Elections are held at regular intervals and in a free and fair manner. People do not have the right to elect their leaders in non-democratic countries.
Individuals nominate their leaders. Citizens are at the mercy of the rulers and cannot express their views openly.
People have the right to express their opinions freely. Candidates in non-democratic countries use misconduct to win.
People can replace their leaders if they are not pleased with them. An example of a Non-democratic election includes Myanmar.
An example of a Democratic Election includes India.

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