Who was the Father of the French Revolution?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Jean Jacques Rousseau was the Father of the French Revolution. The concepts of liberty and democratic rights were the French Revolution’s most significant legacies. As a result, the French monarchy was overthrown. As a result, the republic was established during this time of social and political unrest in France.

Father of the French Revolution

Jean Jacques Rousseau was a French philosopher, writer, and political theorist who was a key figure in the Enlightenment era. Although Rousseau died more than a decade before the French Revolution, his ideas played a significant role in shaping the ideas of the revolutionaries.

His ideas on the sovereignty of the people, the importance of liberty, and the need for social and political equality helped inspire the French Revolution.

Causes of the French Revolution

There were multiple reasons for the French revolution. However, the main reasons are the Caste System, Cultural, Financial, and Food shortages, and The American Revolution.

  • Caste System: According to their wealth and power, it ranked and divided the French populace into various groups. The people belonging to the Nobility and clergy were the most powerful, and the 1st Estate was the highest tier. The Third Estate, on the other hand, was the weakest, with people having the fewest rights and paying half of their income in taxes.
  • American Revolution: It refers to the independence of America from Britain. The people in France were inspired by the American Revolution to revolt against its oppressor.
  • Financial: After involvement in the American revolution, taxation at home was increased, and privileges were reduced.
  • Food Shortage: Due to poor harvests, there was a low supply of bread which led to a food shortage and provoked the masses to revolt.
  • Cultural: Promotion of humanistic, scientific, and secular values. The idea of using reason to make decisions has lowered the status of the Church and the Monarch.

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