Differentiate Between Natural and Human Resources

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The difference between Natural and Human Resources is that natural resources are part of the organic world, while human resources are man-made. Natural resources are those that are drawn from nature and used without modification. On the contrary, those resources which refer to the number (quantity) and capabilities (mental and physical) of people are called human resources. Humans use natural resources to build homes and other required structures such as wells, reservoirs, tunnels, etc.

Difference Between Natural and Human Resources

The major differences between natural and human resources have been elaborated in the table below.

Natural Resources Human Resources
The natural resources include water in rivers and lakes, the air we breathe, etc. People make human resources by using knowledge, skill, and technology.
These resources are free gifts of nature. These resources are created by making the best use of nature.
Natural resources can be used directly. People are the human resources.
Using natural resources in the best possible way may require equipment and technology. People become valuable resources with the help of education and health.

Natural vs Human Resources

All the naturally occurring objects discovered on the Earth’s surface are referred to as natural resources, for example, minerals, animals, sunlight, crops, rain, etc. On the other hand, human resources correspond to people’s aptitude or highly skilled labor, including doctors, carpenters, welders or engineers, and so on.

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