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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

CSAT Notes and study material are a must for all aspirants appearing for the exam. CSAT, or Civil Service Aptitude Test, is also known as General Studies-2 of the UPSC Prelims. CSAT is qualifying in nature, and candidates must score at least 33% to qualify, or their GS-1 paper won’t be checked. That is why candidates must prepare themselves with the best available study material.

The free CSAT study material online helps candidates to enhance their analytical skills and decision-making skills which are important to ace the CSAT paper. Below we have provided the complete CSAT notes subject-wise that would be beneficial for the candidates to score well and qualify for the paper.

CSAT Study Material

The UPSC Prelims Syllabus is divided into two papers: General Studies-1 and General Studies-2 or CSAT. Most of the aspirants find the CSAT paper challenging, and the questions in the CSAT papers in recent years have been tough. However, effective preparation and the right study materials can beat this challenge.

We have created a page that includes the best CSAT Study Material for UPSC, and it would definitely help the aspirants. Apart from the right study material, candidates also need the best CSAT Book for UPSC by their side.

CSAT Notes: Subject-Wise

Several applicants believe that CSAT hinders their ability to succeed in their civil service preparation. However, they fail to realize that in order to cover the CSAT topics, careful planning, and a well-defined strategy are required. One must realize that CSAT involves thorough knowledge and practice.

Understand the basics and practice questions related to the important topics of CSAT to build a strong command over all the mathematical concepts. Regular solving of topic-wise questions included under General Mental Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Analytical Ability can fetch you an exceptional score.

General Mental Ability – CSAT Study Material

Below are the topic covered under the General Mental Ability section of the CSAT Syllabus. Candidates should practice General Mental Ability topics thoroughly since a major portion of the CSAT Paper is related to it.

Serial No. CSAT Notes Link (General Mental Ability Topics)
1 Number Series CSAT Notes
2 CSAT Study Material on Percentage
3 Age-Related Questions
4 CSAT Study Material on Profit, Loss and Discount
5 Simple Interest CSAT Notes
6 Compound Interest
7 Ratio and Proportion CSAT Notes
8 Mixture and Alligation
9 Time & Work CSAT Notes
10 CSAT Study Material on Data Interpretation Basics
11 Pie Chart Questions
12 Mixed Graph Data Interpretation
13 Permutation & Combination CSAT Notes
14 CSAT Study Material – Probability
15 Quadratic Equations
16 CSAT Study Material on Simplification
17 Mensuration

CSAT Notes for Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability

The CSAT paper’s logical and analytical parts can be tricky, so candidates need to be fully prepared with the right CSAT Study Material. Following the notes provided below would definitely help to fetch good marks in this section.

Serial No. CSAT Notes Link (Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability)
1 Direction Test Questions
2 Coding and Decoding CSAT Notes
3 CSAT Study Material on Blood Relation
4 Data Sufficiency
5 CSAT Notes on Syllogism
6 Seating Arrangements & Puzzles

CSAT Free Study Material for English

You can pass the CSAT’s English Comprehension part with a little practice and effort. Keep in mind that you must receive at least 33% to be eligible for the UPSC Mains. You can use various strategies to pick up speed on the comprehension portion of the CSAT Exam, such as practicing reading from the best newspapers obtainable.

Candidates can check out the number of questions asked from each topic of the CSAT Syllabus over the years and begin their preparation accordingly. However, they should focus on all the sections equally.

Why Practice from Free UPSC CSAT Notes?

Aspirants can download UPSC CSAT notes PDF for different topics for absolutely free! This can be helpful while preparing for the exam as you will have the most reliable study materials with you. CSAT notes can offer you so many benefits; we have mentioned some below.

With the help of the CSAT study material, all the concepts of CSAT will be clear to you with examples. It would help you to have a better understanding of the concepts.

  • The Free CSAT notes are based on the current UPSC exam pattern and would help the candidates understand how Union Public Service Commission is framing questions.
  • Effective preparation also increases your confidence, and having confidence would positively impact your performance.
  • The more you prepare from the CSAT Books, the more confident you will feel on exam day.
  • The syllabus is vast, but fortunately, with the right CSAT material for UPSC, you will be able to cover each section effectively. It will not only save your time but also boost productivity.
  • The CSAT notes are prepared by experts, making them a reliable source, so there is very little scope for mistakes.
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