At How Many Levels does the Government Work in India? Name them

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The levels of Government in India are Local Government, State Government, and Central Government. Every state in India has a Legislative Assembly. People who contest and win elections at the state level become members of the Legislative Assembly. People who contest and win elections at the central level are known as Members of Parliament (MPs). Local government is the government at the village and district level.

How many Levels of Government do we have in India?

The government of India is divided into three tiers. The central government occupies the highest rung of the ladder. This is followed by the state governments established in each state. The lowest level, which is at the grassroots level, is the local government (Panchayati Raj and Municipalities).

The government works at the village or town level. They have the authority to make laws, take decisions and enforce them. People can seek the judiciary if they feel that the laws made by the government are unfair.

  • In a democracy, the people actually hold power as they, directly and indirectly, elect all levels of government.
  • People can remove governments from office in subsequent elections if they are dissatisfied with the decisions made by those in power.
  • It is known as a representative democracy because the people choose the people who make the policies for them.

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