What does Political Democracy Mean?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Political Democracy is defined as a democracy in which free and fair elections are held to select or replace the government. All citizens have an equal voice in governmental decisions, the tyranny of the majority is abolished, there is equality under the law, and all citizens are given an equal chance to hold public office.

Political Democracy

Democracy is defined as a form of governance in which the people hold the ultimate authority and exercise it directly or indirectly through a system of representation, which frequently includes regular free elections. At its essence, democracy is a system of governance in which the people’s elected representatives rule.

  • Political democracy emerges from the fulfillment of the political criteria. To attain the conditions of political democracy, it is critical to enact a Constitution and laws that give the people ultimate power.
  • Citizens share the political authority of the state equally in this. The true power to legislate belongs with the people, who do so by granting this authority to their elected leaders.
  • Having a constitution that grants the people the right to absolute authority and upholds essential freedoms including equality, freedom of speech and expression, religion, mobility, and association.
  • Having a universal adult franchise as the basis for electing representatives.
  • Having a responsive government in which the people hold the legislative and the administration accountable.

Types of Democracy

When it comes to classification, democracy can be classified into various types. But the two main types of democracy are:

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