How many Times the National Emergency has been Declared in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The National Emergency in India has been declared three times. The first national emergency was declared during the Indo-China war between 26 October 1962 to 10 January 1968. At that time, India declared security after a threat of external aggression (the country remained in a state of emergency for the longest period).

National Emergency in India

India has declared a national emergency 3 times since independence. The state of emergency was declared due to external or internal threats to the nation or due to a financial or political crisis.

  • 1962 to 1968: India declared a national emergency for the first time during the Sino-Indian War. During the war, the “Security of India” was declared as a “threat from external aggression”.
  • 1971: During the war with Pakistan, Dr. V.V. Giri, who was the President of India, declared a national emergency.
  • 1975 to 1977: Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed declared a national emergency for the third time on the advice of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The 21-month period of emergency was declared on the ground of ‘internal disturbance’, which was caused by controversial circumstances. These circumstances were the result of political instability.

What is National Emergency?

A national emergency is a situation where the fundamental rights of the citizens are curtailed. The President of India has the power to declare a state of emergency if they think a situation has occurred where war, external invasion, or an armed uprising can threaten national security.

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