Name any Four Temporary and Permanent Houses

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Four temporary houses are Igloo, caravan, houseboat, and tent. On the other hand, four permanent houses are Flats/Apartments, Stilt houses, Bungalows, and Multi-storey buildings. Due to their construction with wood, straw, mud, and dried leaves, temporary homes are not very durable. A permanent home is a place where someone stays for an extended period of time, possibly for generations.

Temporary and Permanent Houses

A temporary house is one that can be moved out after use, much like a tent, while a permanent house is one where a person can live permanently, much like a concrete structure. The terms “pakka” and “kaccha” houses must have come up in conversation at some point. They signify both transient and permanent residences. Temporary homes, as the name implies, are built for a brief time and are made of materials like mud, bamboo, etc. Here are a few examples of temporary and permanent houses.

  • Temporary Houses: Tents, Igloos, Caravans, Houseboats, etc.
  • Permanent Houses: Flats/Apartments, Stilt houses, Bungalows, Multi-storey buildings, etc.

Temporary houses are designed for migrants and wanderers who move around and don’t stay in one place for very long. Permanent houses, on the other hand, are homes constructed as permanent dwellings and are made of cement and bricks.


Name any Four Temporary and Permanent Houses

Igloos, caravans, houseboats, and tents are all temporary houses. Meanwhile, bungalows, stilt homes, multi-story structures, and flats/apartments are the four types of permanent houses. Temporary houses is a concept mainly for migrants and wanderers who do not stay put in one place and keep moving.

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