Which is the Cheapest Mode of Transport?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Railways are the cheapest mode of transport in India because it covers long distance with less fare compared to other modes of transportation. It also has fewer processes like verification, and ticket booking and covers short and safe journeys in less time. When a person travels on a flight they have to do many formalities like check-in and onboarding but this does not apply to the railway. Apart from fare, safety, and time, Railway also provide coupons and some special cards to their daily customers this also helps people to travel cost-efficiently.

Indian Railways or IR is a statutory body under the ownership of the Ministry of Railways, all the operations of the Indian railway are done by the Government of India. It is the fourth largest railway system in the world in size with a total route length of 67,956 km (42,226 mi) as of 31 March 2022. It runs 13,169 passenger trains daily, on both long-distance and suburban routes, covering 7,325 stations across India.


Which is the Cheapest Mode of Transport?

India’s transportation is one of the huge sectors and carters the needs of 1.1 billion people. In 2007, India’s transport has contributed 5.5 percent to the GDP. Good physical connectivity in both urban and rural areas leads to economic growth

  • Indian roads carry almost 85 percent of the passenger and generate 60 percent of their freight.
  • In 2009, the Indian railway carried 19.8 million passengers and 2.4 million tonnes of freight in a day.

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